Let me bring you to the Philippines by eating sinigang …

Today’s lunch Sinigang ~ is a typical filipino dish. It’s actually one of my daughter’s favorites dish and when there’s leftover she would wake up in the morning and would eat sinigang for her breakfast.

Sinigang is characterized by an acid broth, typically based on tamarind, in which meat or fish and local vegetables are cooked, and which is eaten with rice. What really characterizes the sinigang is its acid broth based on fruits of the archipelago, most often tamarind and tomato, but also guava, green mango, kamias, alibangbang, even calamondin or lemon and possibly condiments such as fish sauce or calamondin juice.

I assured you that there are a lot of sinigang recipes that you can spot in the internet.

Apple Tart

Today, I am going to show you how to make simple apple tart.


10 pieces sliced apples

For pastry I used :

250 g flour

125 g sugar

1 egg

100 g soften butter

Incorporated all the ingredients and kneed till it formed like picture below and

Refrigerate for 1 Hour

bring out the dough from the refrigerator

Heat the oven 180 degrees

and flatten the pastry :

place it in tart mold

prick with fork
place the sliced apples
fill in till full
top with brown sugar (optional)

Baked 180 degress for 1 hour

Let it cool and eat !

I am extremely mirthful and full of gratification. I want to believe and I believe I finally found what I am searching for. But well, there is no such thing « finally » because there will always be something and someone who would test, tempt or take away my fries from me and this just gonna be all up on my commitment my mindsets and reactions. All the curiosity, emptiness that I felt is now turned into a magic peaceful atmosphere. God is the greatest of all. God save me from all the burdens , I said to myself that past is past and there is no more looking back and everything is forgiven and though it took years to healed …. I have been asking God to help me do what I want to do and I know if I will just sit and wait ~ nothing will happen. but then life happen, I started surrounding myself by people with the same purpose and goals … just to be happy, to love and just want to live a peaceful meaningful life, I thought I would never find people with principles God-fearing people who put God first and keeping to obey the divine command. But God is so great that he given me more than I asked for. I engaged myself in some personal activities that pleases me that no one could stopped me. If terrible things may happen I would know what to do and I won’t just go in the corner and cry a river … My dreams is just in front of me and I am the pilot of life.

Hello, Come and join me inside my kitchen and let’s cook ….

This time I would love to share with you sauted green beans with sichuan pepper. This recipe is just very basics there is nothing to stress for, all you gotta need to do is saute each of the ingredients.

The main ingredients here is the sichuan pepper, the first spice that will give taste to our recipe. I love sichuan pepper , there are several types of sichuan pepper, red and green and haven’t tried any other varieties yet … If you haven’t tasted or know it here is the picture :

Green sichuan pepper

When I was in China I discovered and experienced great numbers of recipes and I really love to shares it with friends and family and I just don’t have much time blogging. But considering that almost the whole world seems confined I wanted to at least shares some of my favorites chinese food recipes.

Let’s start by preparing all the ingredients.

500grams of green beans

300 grams of pork belly

4 spoon of vegetables oil

1 thumbs of ginger or +

3 gloves of crashed garlic

1 onion (red or white)

2 Tbs of green sichuan pepper

6 Tbs of soy sauce

1/2 black powdered pepper

8 pcs of dried chillis

1 Tbs of sugar

and follow the pictures below :

And let’s feast ! bon appétit 😋


It was such a wonderful feeling when we explored Antelope. Antelope is a natural wonder. We booked this trip and were managed by coexist west coast company. From Las Vegas to Antelope, yes it’s really too far to get here, not only it is thousands miles and miles away but it is also exhausting but really worth a visit and it means a lot ! Can you imagine we are from the other side of the globe and wanting to discover Antelope and I used to see Antelope only on TV and I can’t really believe we got it here and we made it safe and sound. I just can not explain the happiness we felt and had earned. Witnessing this natural wonder is such a wonderful experience, awe-inspiring and picturesque ! When we got here the driver sign-up for us and each group that enters will have to wait and needs a guide and must wait your turn to be called. You can carry nothing but your camera your bags should be left in your vehicle. They will take you to the van and bring to the canyon. They will give a brief information about the history, geology, and culture of the Antelope Canyon area. I took a lot of photos during our visit, here are my photos and hoping that you will like them and for those who have never been in Antelope I hope these gives you encouragement to come and see it. Let’s pray that covid-19 will end soon. We were , (alright let’s called it fortunate ) fortunate to come and able to explore west California because Just after 1 week when we got back home, America shut their door against Europes due to corana virus. For now and for uncertain time Please stay home and be safe everyone. But I want to say something more, well, this is a dream place of every photographers.

While waiting for our turn, kids still can find something to laugh for …
amazing Antelope
way to the cave surrounded by magnificent mountains
God created so much beautiful wonders
come let’s get in !
against the light we’ll never know the outcome of the image
My son the yoga guru … hahaha
throw a shovel of sand and throw it against the wall
come away with me inside the cave …
upside heart shape
Me myself and I taking pictures wondering which angles … a photographer wannabe lol.
way to the cave …
me and my love the shyness is it !
Glad we were able to bring the children here , on the left that’s my daugther together with her loving cousin.
go go go stop and look and strikes a pose !

Horseshoe Bend

We booked this trip with coexist west coast via trip-advisor. You need to reserve in advance and they have several package tours. Coexist west coast company is an expanding small group company They will take care of everything and even snacks and drinks were included inside the van. You can reserved a private trip otherwise with small group. Their drivers are awesome and friendly. Our visit were beyond greatness. We’re tremendously happy and have no regrets for this trip because we are from the other side of the globe and we didn’t want to drive after a long flight so you just have to sit & relax and it saved us days and time. Check-out my photos and I hope that you will like them. I used my iphone here because my nikon camera has a small lence and couldn’t take the whole landscape.