I wanted to tell you something when we went in Cebu I apologize because only today I got to post it. Literally, I have been wanting to blog about it but I just don’t get much time to-write and talk about it. Anyway, today is Sunday morning and my body and mind are fully recharge so I thought why not blog right away. My sister just sent me photos today and they are having korean lunch today and I felt like I was missing them so much.

These photos were taken 4 years ago and honestly I forgot a lot of things and places so I don’t know if I will still able to remember everything but gladly there are memories that are captivated not just in heart and mind.

I had chosen to book Costabella from  … From mactan airport it took us 30 minutes including the traffic and all when we reached the hotel. We passed by in many streets,  and we enjoyed seeing the jeepneys, tricycles, motors, people around Maribago … it was really cool experienced because it wasn’t the first time to visit Cebu but Costabella gave us the reason to come back again …  When we checked in , The receptionist are so friendly and their smile are so contagious and they even served us a welcome drinks … which is oh wow yes we were so thirsty …. words aren’t enough how beautifully to described Costabella. From foods to services everything was just perfect… The employees were wearing beautiful uniforms. The hotel has a Spanish colonial influence and luxury furnished and it brings you back to 1800 years …. I went directly to ask about tour information and they were very helpful as they have given us the best itinerary upon our request. Costabella is far from shopping malls and busy cities which I do love the most. But you do not need to worry because they have a free shuttle or cars for rent or simply ride a tricycle. We even rode a tricycle going to the nearest small mall around the area. It was really fun and my kids were thrilled riding a tricycle and you’ll see how the people get around in their everyday life. Costabella has two swimming pool and beautiful white sand private beach and offers activities. I didn’t like the barriers around the beach which hide the real beauty of the ocean… And you couldn’t walk along the beach… But anyway we were not there for the beach so I did not expect anything about their private beach. Costabella has a spacious bed rooms, bathrooms and rooms are well equipped. The wi-fi is not working inside the rooms. The balconies are well furnished as well and have an enchanting views as I watched the sunrise and sunset. The Luna bar have a beautiful bar and relaxing terrace the bar offers tapas and drinks and you can play dart board and billards. Costabella has two restaurant as well one In Marina restaurant and their foods and drinks were delicious and well presented, well I guess they have a real good cook , diner in other restaurant is the Brisa they offers delicious foods too and have a folk singer. The stunning sun rise view from our room The hotel entrance

the beachfront views from our roomThe suite

Pictures below ~ one day excursion around Cebu city

Cebu heritage monument

San Diego ancestral house

Taoist Temple

Old town Cebu

Fort Santiago

Basilica del Santo Niño

Lapu-lapu monument

Lunch at lechon house


We purchased some souvenirs

Back in our Hotel , Just unwinding after a long journey…….

A group of musicians, they entertaining guest through serenading.

The one remaining day, after our tour in Bohol, My husband and I just sat down nearby the pool while we watched our kids having fun with the other kids around.We just enjoyed the hotel and food. Halo-halo famous dessert in the Philippines.

Pole to pole we really had a wonderful stay. If you want to escape from the reality Costabella is a nice place for you. Checking out was quite quick as we left early morning and it took us only 15minutes to the Airport of Mactan. 

Geisha performance

Hello let me just go back in time when we explored Japan … and I just want to tell you one of the most wonderful experiences that we have had about meeting these two geishas.

Geisha performance a magical and our most memorable experience in Gion street situated in Kyoto.

They are highly skilled entertainers
demonstrating their dance
look at those colorful textiles

after we watched their performance, we went straight to their extravagant garden

and had the peerless afternoon tea and tasted their sweet treats and their bonne bouche drinks. That is just one of the wonderful experiences we have had in Japan and I will talk more about it later but first let me reminisce… ciao ✌🏽

Salmon Kinilaw

• 1/2 kilo salmon fillets and sliced
• 1 cup white vinegar
• 1 tbsp of ginger, chopped
• 1/3 cup onion, chopped
• 1/2 cup tomatoes, chopped (optional)
• 1/2 cup cucumbers, sliced/diced (optional)
• 5-7 pcs. sliced chilis
• squeezed 2 tbsp lime juice
• Salt & Pepper to taste

1. Wash and clean your fish.
2. Slice your fish
3. Place in a container, add the vinegar and cover.
4. Let sit for about an hour
5. Remove the vinegar from the fish. Wash with water and drain.
6. Add the rest of the ingredients. Also, add salt and pepper according to your taste.
7. Keep in the fridge for at least an hour.
8. Serve as starter/appetizer