Just call me nekkies. I am just a simple person with simple life.I strongly believe that you can never expect someone else to make you happy and fill you with love. That love is always within you. You have to learn to own it. I don’t play fire because I know, all I will get is burned. I have learnt in life to suffer in silence. I comprehend my misery and I welcome it, yet I know what it is to be besieged by one whom I love and hate. Life is an examination with no correct answers. I am in control of my life, and I hold all of the power. I seize this power and make choices that will bring happiness into my life.

I haven’t really cross a lot of person who understand me, I don’t believe in making friends for convenience. I have the ability through people intentions and motives. I am a thinker who ponders over my purpose. I am an old soul trying to contemplate the meaning of every action and the underlying purpose of my life. I spend a lot of time in my own company. I have mastered the art of avoiding boring conversation and judgemental people. I don’t tolorate gossips , as much as possible, as much as I can I never joined in this activities… I think I am naturally forgiving. I prefer to work alone and keep a few friends. I work alone – to devoid distraction. I have many acquaintances but I would prefer remain dedicated to a group of loyal friends. I always need to rejuvenate myself by spending some lone time once in a while. I love ignoring immature situation and I hate to admit that I can easily forgive. I believe that I can handle stressful people and stressful situations.

~ 20 Random things About me. ~

  1. GOD is Love. God always comes first. 
  2. I love my Husband and my two kids billion times around the farthest star in a farthest galaxy , then a billion times some more .
  3. Time is gold. I easily get drain. The right invironment is extremely important for me and for my children. Life is too short to be unhappy. I know how to kick dust and move on without regrets!
  4. I love to sleep, so please do not disturb … appointments extremely needed… Sometimes I need my alone time ….. so please respect. I love hybernating.
  5. Energies are very contagious.
  6. I love to travel and can easily accept what the place may offer , good or Bad. 
  7. Close enough but Far enough , I don’t give in nor I don’t give up …
  8. I love my friends with all my heart… It sad to think that sometimes my kindness are miscontrued as a calculated-act-of-deception.
  9. Rule # 1: Trust , rule # 2: Loyalty ~

    just because you are the feeder that doesn’t mean the eater can’t bites you. 

  10. There is no perfection in this planet,  I never expect anything, Life is not perfect so people are. 
  11. Back in days when I was a teenager, my life was complicated and chaotic. Needless to say, there are a lot of things I wish I knew.
  12. It’s okey to give love and care for others but it is wrong to think that they will do the same thing. You can give love but expect nothing in return. 
  13. I am not a pleaser, I repeat , I am not a pleaser. I don’t beg for immature relationships.  I live life the way I want and not the way others force upon them.
  14. Be the first version of yourself. You know you’re authentic when you’re being copied & it’s flattery. 
  15. I love JAPAN and its people.
  16. Sometimes I get depress too. I have problems too. It’s just hard for me when my brain is not my friend.
  17. I dont give advice unless asked for.
  18. I rarely watch Tv and movies … I am very selective about what I read , I love Music, I love anthologies, mystery, history, travel & arts, cooking & baking, photography, magazines, fashion & beauty.
  19. I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for who i am not …. good or bad some people will misunderstand you, judge you, criticize you, hate you, accused you, but love them anyway.
  20. Jose Rizal Philippines national hero : He, who doesn’t know how to look back where he came from, will never reach his destiny.