I am extremely mirthful and full of gratification. I want to believe and I believe I finally found what I am searching for. But well, there is no such thing « finally » because there will always be something and someone who would test, tempt or take away my fries from me and this just gonna be all up on my commitment my mindsets and reactions. All the curiosity, emptiness that I felt is now turned into a magic peaceful atmosphere. God is the greatest of all. God save me from all the burdens , I said to myself that past is past and there is no more looking back and everything is forgiven and though it took years to healed …. I have been asking God to help me do what I want to do and I know if I will just sit and wait ~ nothing will happen. but then life happen, I started surrounding myself by people with the same purpose and goals … just to be happy, to love and just want to live a peaceful meaningful life, I thought I would never find people with principles God-fearing people who put God first and keeping to obey the divine command. But God is so great that he given me more than I asked for. I engaged myself in some personal activities that pleases me that no one could stopped me. If terrible things may happen I would know what to do and I won’t just go in the corner and cry a river … My dreams is just in front of me and I am the pilot of life.

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