Hello, Come and join me inside my kitchen and let’s cook ….

This time I would love to share with you sauted green beans with sichuan pepper. This recipe is just very basics there is nothing to stress for, all you gotta need to do is saute each of the ingredients.

The main ingredients here is the sichuan pepper, the first spice that will give taste to our recipe. I love sichuan pepper , there are several types of sichuan pepper, red and green and haven’t tried any other varieties yet … If you haven’t tasted or know it here is the picture :

Green sichuan pepper

When I was in China I discovered and experienced great numbers of recipes and I really love to shares it with friends and family and I just don’t have much time blogging. But considering that almost the whole world seems confined I wanted to at least shares some of my favorites chinese food recipes.

Let’s start by preparing all the ingredients.

500grams of green beans

300 grams of pork belly

4 spoon of vegetables oil

1 thumbs of ginger or +

3 gloves of crashed garlic

1 onion (red or white)

2 Tbs of green sichuan pepper

6 Tbs of soy sauce

1/2 black powdered pepper

8 pcs of dried chillis

1 Tbs of sugar

and follow the pictures below :

And let’s feast ! bon appétit 😋

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