It was such a wonderful feeling when we explored Antelope. Antelope is a natural wonder. We booked this trip and were managed by coexist west coast company. From Las Vegas to Antelope, yes it’s really too far to get here, not only it is thousands miles and miles away but it is also exhausting but really worth a visit and it means a lot ! Can you imagine we are from the other side of the globe and wanting to discover Antelope and I used to see Antelope only on TV and I can’t really believe we got it here and we made it safe and sound. I just can not explain the happiness we felt and had earned. Witnessing this natural wonder is such a wonderful experience, awe-inspiring and picturesque ! When we got here the driver sign-up for us and each group that enters will have to wait and needs a guide and must wait your turn to be called. You can carry nothing but your camera your bags should be left in your vehicle. They will take you to the van and bring to the canyon. They will give a brief information about the history, geology, and culture of the Antelope Canyon area. I took a lot of photos during our visit, here are my photos and hoping that you will like them and for those who have never been in Antelope I hope these gives you encouragement to come and see it. Let’s pray that covid-19 will end soon. We were , (alright let’s called it fortunate ) fortunate to come and able to explore west California because Just after 1 week when we got back home, America shut their door against Europes due to corana virus. For now and for uncertain time Please stay home and be safe everyone. But I want to say something more, well, this is a dream place of every photographers.

While waiting for our turn, kids still can find something to laugh for …
amazing Antelope
way to the cave surrounded by magnificent mountains
God created so much beautiful wonders
come let’s get in !
against the light we’ll never know the outcome of the image
My son the yoga guru … hahaha
throw a shovel of sand and throw it against the wall
come away with me inside the cave …
upside heart shape
Me myself and I taking pictures wondering which angles … a photographer wannabe lol.
way to the cave …
me and my love the shyness is it !
Glad we were able to bring the children here , on the left that’s my daugther together with her loving cousin.
go go go stop and look and strikes a pose !

2 thoughts on “Antelope

  1. Wow, Antelope looks like a fun place to explore and photograph. As I’ve never seen anything like that in person, I would love to visit one day to take in nature’s sounds and sights! Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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