The Grand Canyon

Well I have a story to tell, on what had happened on our trip to the Grand Canyon From Las vegas – Flaggstaff. We took a bus (greyhound bus station) and when we arrived in Flaggstuff about 1:30 pm we were so lost and couldn’t find any uber or taxis around , and tried my best that I could to communicate with all people I see and one man told me to installed Lift apps for an easy transport but as We have a slow 4G and couldn’t upload it, so eventually I asked the bus station if they can help us to get a taxi and thanks God The man upfront given us the right taxi shuttle number (groome transportation) and so we made a call and booked a shuttle for 3:30 pm and they told us to go to the train station and there they would pick us and it took us 20 minutes by feet and oh oh brrrr it was freezing and windy, each of us pulled our luggage and of course when we reached to the station we stopped in a coffee bar nearby the station and had some drinks and imagine we didn’t had time to lunch yet. We just sat and only waited for few hours for the taxi. We were just calmed and keeping our feelings cool and it was useless to worry as sometimes surprises has always been a part of the journeys … nothing is ever perfect and as usual we choose to calm down and luckily we got the whole day for the trip so nothing to rush. And time has come and there you are our savoir the shuttle, hmmm who else ? … It took us 30 minutes before we reached Williams ~ (Grand canyon railways and hotel.) at last we are able to bath and clean ourselves after the whole long day and we spent one night here.

The next day, had our breakfast and watched the 9:25 am western show before we ride the railways going to the grand canyon national park …

Inside the train and each car has a guide and an entertainer who plays violin and made us happy inside the train.

The guide has told many stories to expand our knowledge about the area. How spectacular and breathtaking Grand canyon is.

The train journey took about two hours and it’s a wonderful feeling seeing and witnessing the dessert.

We reached to the train depot and went straight to the bus grand tour. And we got on the bus immediately and met our guide and our tour began we stopped at several view points and lunch meal were included. The day tour last about 3 hours or less. After the tour we were transported in our hotel. We spent one night in Maswik lodge situated inside the national park.

Spectacular Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is incredibly imaginable…~ by the way, about our tour we reserved two days tours ( including Sunset tour and dessert tour , all by bus tour It’s a lot easier and we save a lot of time because it is a long long way from home just to come here to witness the imaginable views. How I wish to stay longer to at least hike but we didn’t have enough time due to limited vacations. Grand canyon is indeed a special place in a world of imagination.

Grand canyon Sunset really amazing …
Costumes for junior rangers
Maswik Information center

We Left Grand Canyon at 3:30 pm we took the last trip back to Williams.

2 thoughts on “The Grand Canyon

  1. Grand Canyon is such a beautiful bucket list destination and I had even no idea you can get there by train. I would love to visit one day to see it in person, but for now, due to the coronavirus we just have to stay put! Thanks for sharing and fueling my wanderlust. Aiva 😊

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