Manhattan Beach

I have been so busy as bee and didn’t have time to blog much as there are so many priorities going on in my life now. But of course I would always prioritize and not forgetting to love myself and my family like taking vacations outside the country despite of corana virus that spreading around the world.

My husband planned our vacation this time in South California and gladly that he has a sister who lives in Manhattan Beach and I am grateful for that because we are able to visit some of the most beautiful places that God has created in America.

Anyway, we had chosen to fly during the night Paris- Los Angeles ~ 12 hours flight Air France

My sis-in law waited for us and fetched us at the airport she was genuinely happy when she seen us and we as well after 4 years of not seeing her and her family.

When we arrived in her place it was 10 o’clock in the evening and we opened our luggages and offered some gifts to the whole family and we talked till mid and then we all went to bed.

The next morning we took our breakfast and made some walk in their beautiful neighborhoods Manhattan and oh no I do really love where she lives.

In the late noon we strolled along the oceanfront and took some pictures. While walking at the beachfront, you’ll be inspired because there are so many beautiful architecture designed houses and home. Walking is so relaxing , quiet and there aren’t much crowd. That is why Manhattan will be on my Top list around Los Angeles but do not forget that everything are expensive, Restaurant, stores and boutiques…

Here are my captured images … so please let me take you to Manhattan beach.

along the roads of Manhattan
Famous beach house from the tv series Beverly hills 90210 located in Manhattan beachfront
walking along the beach
witnessing the brilliant sunset of Manhattan beach
and there you are …

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