Chicken Rice

1 whole chicken ~ or any part that you desires. (whole or sliced)

1 and half liter water

4 thumbs fresh ginger or more

8 crushed gloves garlic

green papaya & bochay – optional

4 spoon vegetable oil

seasonings: salt, fish sauce, chicken cubes, black pepper powder.

Garnish : onion leaves, chillis, cilantro.

direction :

Heat the sauce pan with the vegetables oil

Saute the ginger + garlic

add the chicken and make it golden

seasoned with salt and peppercorns

bring to boil until tender

add the remaining seasonings

when cooked add the papaya and simmer for 10 minutes and just place the bochay on top and off the fire and let it stand 7 minutes.

Serve in a large bowl and garnish with cilantro and onion leaves.

accompanied with rice.


sauces :

  1. grind ginger & garlic + chicken broth

  2. soy sauce and sesame oil + pinch salt and peppercorns

  3. sweet soy sauce


Rice :

In a rice pot

heat 2 spoon of vegetables oil

saute ginger and garlic

add the uncook rice

stir and lightly roast

add the chicken stock

low fire and wait until cooked.

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