Mango Tarts


A635A0C0-D0F1-4055-BE8B-8895D61E4495.jpegBaking is heaven inside my home. The baker is usually my loving husband but today is exceptional Today I made some mini mango tarts. It is also called Mango pie. I assume that the best mangoes that you could ever eat are in the Philippines. Mangoes are smoothest and sweetest that are incomparable to any mangoes that you’ll ever found in this planet. 

Let me share you my mango tart recipe. 

Biscuit :  

250 g Flour

125 g sugar

1 egg

100 g butter

1 whole zest of lemon

Direction : Combined all the ingredients and Fridge it for 15 minutes then formed into balls and flatten each balls , place them into greased molds and sting each biscuit with pork.  Add 1 spoon of mango jam and baked 200 degrees for 15 minutes ! 

Mango Jam : 

600 grams pilled & chopped mangoes 

400 grams sugar 

direction: simmer till cooked. 

Voila ! hope that you will like my Mango tarts. 




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