Negros Oriental, Philippines

Hello Readers , It’s been a while , I was occupied living in the present and I think I am in a cheerful mood to write about my previous trip and Today I will bring you in Negros Oriental a province in central Visayas and it’s also include Apo Island.

We stayed in Atmosphere resort situated in Dauin 20 min drive from Dumaguete the capital city of Negros oriental. We were fetched at the Dumaguete airport by the hotel’s shuttle and when we arrived in the hotel we were given complimentary drinks (sugarcane I guess) personnel were kind and amenable. They brought us to our bungalow, the bungalow contains terrace with a sofa,  pillows and table, enorm comfortable bed , spacious bungalow and comtemporary interior design and includes huge bathroom outside, Be ready to say HI to mosquitoes, especially when the natures comes calling you.. The resort has a beautiful garden, healthy bermuda grass that well kept and resort owns two pools. Family pool and the another pool boast a Bar and it is use when there are diving course which is everyday occupied. They have Spa Sanctuary, Yoga zone , simple and basking beach front. The Hotel has its finest Restaurant which means excellence cuisine, Western , filipino cuisine, as well healthy nutritious menus. Moving on , Excursions were awesome, inspite of half day tour, there are severals Tours which you will be able to select what which and where you want to go and see. It’s all up to your favour . Each night they would put sweet treats surprises inside the room. Authentic delicacy tarts. We were given complimentary bag made from coconut leaves and and each of us were given thermos Bottle additionally which is good for our environment. The hotel is promoting not to use plastic They are environmentally friendly.  Regardless of being a luxurious hotel they do not offer slippers & shower cup. 

moving ahead – excursions.

First activity and first choice , Oslob~swim with the whale sharks located in the south part of Cebu , yet we were asked to get up at 5 am and it took us 40 minutes drive to Santabar port and 25 min ferryboat and drive another 20 min when we reached Oslob. It’s worth a visit and a remarkable experienced for us. By that time there were plenty of boats lining up and however it is stupendous experience. There are Fishermen feeding those giants whales and it was perfect organization, You are allowed to swim, watch them but it’s probihited to touch them and there is a distance to respect. The feeding terminates at 11 am , plan and go there early morning.

Dumaguete is known for world class marine life , divers or non-divers will surely enjoy the water , land, surface the water and under the water. Dumaguete City, also known as the City of Gentle People and divers destination.



Third day , Discover scuba diving for Children. My kids had their first scuba diving experience which they did at the resort. The resort is known for their high reputation in diving course.

Fourth day , We took our breakfast in Manjuyob Sandbar, How would you imagine that ? A heaven in the ocean … We planned to do Dolphin watching… But we were not able to go and pass the ocean because of an unfavored winds as safety without exceptions comes first. Any options ? of course, we decided then to go in Twin lake , Balinsasayao and Danao. We had our barbecue and buffets at the deck, there is a restaurant where they accommodate visitors , visitors would eat and drinks there. I loved their bananacue (wrapped banana and deep fried cooked with sugarcane ) After lunch , we then continued walking down the hills and we rent a boat. There are some activities boating, kayaking and birds watching. The lake has a spontaneous views and it is truly a peaceful place. Coconut trees are everywhere, there are many different varieties of trees , plants, birds , butterflies , it’s a greeny uninhabited territory and it’s a protected natural park In negros Oriental.

Fifth Day ~ Apo Island ~ snorkeling and swim with the turtles. Snorkeling here is Still good for non-swimmer, I stayed on my lifevest and floated with the help of the guide and he stayed with me. The boat stopped 50 meters away from the shore of the island where the sea turtles can be seen immediately. Honestly I was not comfortable because I can tire easily but Thankfully our guide lured us to follow him when he looked for sea turtles there were plenty small & big I wanted to give them a hug but touching any sea creatures is strictly prohibited We were all exhausted All I could think of is to eat after snorkeling… then thinking of, the boat men had given us complimentary drinks, fruits & mini burgers. Dumaguete do not have a proper fancy beaches with sun beds but it’s heaven for divers , swimmers, snorkelers, and even for hikers if you want to go to mt. Talinis & Kanlaon Volcano. There is a little regret in me here, I was disappointed because we had done the group tour Organized by the hotel which I really regret , because we were not informed about this excursions. I would rather choose a private tour because we were not allowed to go and hike at the view point, which usually you will go in the Island and would have a small promenade around 15-20 minutes going up the Top of the hills , we did not even go at the shore , I felt trapped, it was an excursion trapped. We just snorkeled and that’s it !!!! it’s just half day ( what a pity ) I don’t even know what ???? we were just in the middle of the sea far from the crowd. Make sure to communicate with the hotel information before deciding which tour would you want to pick. Too bad we were not informed about it and as well combination Tour … lack of information in terms of giving the top & a must things to do and they did not explained well about the combination Tour which we literally had lost half day each day of our stayed. It’s pitiful that we learned it when we departed the hotel.

Sixth Day ~ Spent the rest of the morning at the hotel , enjoyed the pool and Restaurant and Dumaguete City tour , Dumaguete main attractions : Belfry tower , the church Iglesia De Santa Catalina De Alejandria dating back 1754 , I did not go inside the church because of my beliefs. Siliman University founded in 1901 & we visited the Siliman anthropology museum as well , then Rizal Boulevard named after the great Philippines national hero, Noah’s cultural heritage they sell and exports quality stonecrafts – prepare your credit card when going there, unexpectedly we purchased Authentic extravagant frames made from variety gems, We did not leave the store with empty hands … Noah’s heritage arts is one of Dumaguete’s prides. Afterwards we went to the city market composed 10 buildings and we went to taste the controversial budbud kabog Tanjay. It was divine , it’s made from millet and wrapped with banana leaves , they served it with melt chocolate or sprinkles with sugar , Then next we took our lunch at Lab-as restaurant, I made sure to order the right menus and I wasn’t disappointed what a Feast ! We missed going in Sans Rival famous bakery because we ran out of time , Philippines common transportation are tricycle, jeepneys & easycab.

    And Of course habitually , Time would always come to an end …. each and every Hello there’s perpetual goodbye  ! … overall We will definitely come back !!!!!

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