Siargao, Philippines

Welcome to Siargao the Isla de las Palmas literally means Palm Island.

Skyjet got canceled but Thanks cebu pacific we were able to go in Siargao ! Spent 6 nights and 6 days in Siargao. We settled in Sandy feet Hotel located in Malinao General Luna which the main center of Siargao. Siargao airport has a tiny airport that resembles more a bus station to me and clouds were gray when we debarked into the Island , and the Island is surrounded by uncountable coconut trees everywhere and anywhere. It took us 2 hours and half by plane from Manila. First week of February when we gone in Siargao. Our first and second day the weather was not really that friendly and the rest we really had a wonderful perfect sunny blue Skies and had the best excursions around Surigao ,Sorocco , Siargao.

We arrived at 2 pm and There’s a van waiting for us that we booked from our hotel. It took us 45 minutes from the airport, upon reaching the hotel they given us coconut juice as a welcome drinks . First impression of the hotel is just wow 😮 a paradise in my eyes.

Sandy feet Hotel

after drinking and resting , we went straight to Cloud 9 and rode a tricycle ( local transport it has a 4 seater ). Cloud 9 or Siargao is known for surfers , but I assured you Siargao is definitely not only for surfers. We watched the surfers but most of them are learners So just went there for the waves , impressive huge waves , sea water is clear like a pool … after taking pictures and all , rode a tricycle and we regaled at the popular Bravo Restaurant. Their employees were friendly and sumptuous food and drinks . Everybody had a great time on our first day.

Cloud 9

Children were playing basketball, on the way to Cloud 9

The next day ~ land tour to magpupungko rock pool and Along the road we stopped and took some pictures at the viewpoint for the uncountable coconut trees. We spent our half day in magpupungko and used our drone and took aerial photos and videos. I bought 2 Tshirt, there are some stalls that sells souvenirs and other stuff like tshirt, swimwear, and many more. There is an admission fee 50 pesos and free entrance for children 10 years old below. 11 o’clock am when low tide and you can walk along the beach and there are some guide and will help you go till you reached the rock pool … waves in magpupungko are also marvelous. The rock pool has a crystal clear water and it’s just amazing just like other places and it’s common in Philippines to see those crystals water That’s why I keep on coming back and exploring more places and Islands and when I am back in Europe I would definitely miss Philippines my homeland.

Fisherman catching shells
My son under the tree beachfront in Magpupungko

Maasin Enchanted river ~ fortunately opened to the public last December 2018. We were so lucky that we passed into this enchanting place. It’s a paradise … The Village is so clean that you could drink the water straight in your mouth. Oh I love and I have no words how would I describe the place it’s just wow !   Maasin river has a tiny passage and there are several boats where the guides will row the boat for you, at the end of the river there is a tiny clear water hole and people would take pictures one by one when crowd comes.  So make it sure you go there earlier cause the place is really getting popular and how could you not share such a beautiful place. We were so hungry so we took our lunch there after the boat rides. There is a small sari-sari store and they offer meal as well , felt like a local ?  no problem ! we enjoyed every little things. I couldn’t remember how much the admission fee because We were so thrilled. We only spent 500 pesos for our lunch including our drinks and coffee. People were so kind and hospitable. We came back at the hotel with our heart not empty but full.

Maasin River

Happiest person knows how to smile with strangers

Magnificent view of Maasin River

3rd day ~ since the sugba lagoon in del Carmen is closed for rehabilitation. We decided to do the mangrove tour in Del Carmen , the largest mangrove all over the Philippines. The place is well kept and protected by the locals and the river is spotless that there are zero garbage around. I felt so happy to know that people here are environmentally-friendly. Then we went to the Pamomoan beach and Kawhagan beach. Oh yeah The place is all ours …. huh ! just like a celebrity star all alone at the private beach ……

Del Carmen

Lunch at Pamomoan Beach
Kawhagan beach

Del Carmen Mangrove

4th day ~ Sohoton tour ~ We reserved a Galatea boat the lifestyle boat in Siargao. Sohoton ~ what can I say , a small El Nido in Bucas Grande ….(that’s my honest opinion). but cleaner, greener and not crowded unlike El Nido. Sohoton is getting popular …. the activities are snorkeling in some permitted area and moving on they will bring you to the small lagoon where you’ll able to touch the jelly fish , dive at the cliff , pass through the caves and boat around. I haven’t seen people kayaking knorr paddle board don’t know why maybe for some protection and hiring local boats would really help the local people for their everyday living.

Entrance In Bucas Grande
The small lagoon where you touch jellyfish

5th day ~ 3 Island Tour with Galatea boat ~ maybe we were so exaggerated hiring these boat just for 4 pax Oh I just love it cuz it’s so homely, convenient, restful and it has its own toilet …. 3 Islands Tour ~ Maybe you had heard these 3 Island ~ or maybe you’ve been there , the Guyam , Daku and Naked Island. It’s my Favorite tour that we did in Siargao …. My kids and I love the Daku Island the most. We had our lunch in Daku and eaten the boodlefight – were food served on the top of the banana leaf and eat with your hand. The 3 Island have their own beauty and The whole area is surrounded by the pristine water and fine sand …… these 3 Island are just 5 minutes away from each other with Galatea boat. We dine at Kalinaw Restaurant ~ the finest restaurant in Siargao. Food is beyond Excellent.

aerial photo , as I go down the boat
Naked Island
Daku Island

Boodlefight were food served on a banana leaf
Bianca’s Galatea Boat
Guyam Island

General Luna Port

My Photos aren’t edited at all , I captured those images and they are original by the time I captured them, I don’t have to say a lot but pictures speak to themselves.

6th day ~ time has come and it was the last day , we spent our time and enjoyed the beauty of the hotel and took a lot of pictures … Life in Siargao is so peaceful , hassle-free and it was hard to leave but as usual you gotta pack all your luggages and leave. This amazing voyage means a lot to me , I am so grateful to live and just enjoy whatever life, places, people may offer without expectation.

General Luna

Sandy Feet Beachfront in the Morning

departure ~ through skyjet going back to Manila it took us 1 hour and half but as usual , traffic as expected we landed smoothly and waited the plane to park. We were starving ……… and all I could think of is to EAT.

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