Wow it’s been so long have I not been able to blog …?

First of all I am really thankful to the LoRD that we were able to travel back again. Yes international travel and my family been discussing whether we will go in Crete Greece or in Turkey but I dug even more my knowledge about Turkey and because this time we just wanted something so different … anyway we’re often to go in the seas, ocean or beach , so we just decided to change a little and this time was an intense itinerary but certainly worth it ! So ~ All we did was kept our eyes wide open ~ …. We were so thrilled to be here ….

10 days trip In Turkey and this trip was organized : to make our travel easier we booked this trip with Boomerang and when we landed in Istanbul we been look after by https://verymed.fr/. We were 16 persons in the group families with teens. Our guide was really kind and his Name is Urr he is Turkish and he speak fluently in French and guided us throughout the trip Because huh! not everyone in Turkey could speak English so you’ll get lost if you travel here without guide.

First day and 2nd day : Istanbul

Welcome to Istanbul TURKEY

To make it short I just made some video :

Bosphore sight seeing … on top

my best-loved place we’ve been in Turkey is Cappadocia … they said that your trip in TURKEY would not be completed without going in ~ Cappadocia…… Cappadocia is such a Marvelous place …We were searching for the typical turkish culture and here we discovered in this place because Turkey has territory in both Europe and Asia, vast majority of its territory is considered part of Asia.

I can’t even picture we reached this place from Instabul -Ankara- to here, it’s really in the middle of nowhere if you can only imagine the duration of this roadtrip huh! … BUT certainly worth to see !!!! We visited some of the caves & upon entering the caves there are womens selling handmade dolls and we were told not to make them irritable hahaha lol … ok next topic ; there are actually plentifulness sites and they said that Here In Cappadocia where the Christian hid in the past.

We also did hot air balloons for SUNSET and we even got our certifications, it was an exclusive experience I could tell well it cost an arm and a leg !!!! But really an extraordinary adventure And they even offered champagne after the rides !!! Weird right ? But that’s how it is here !!!

We also went to witness the handmade carpet makers the finest carpet in the world that can only be found here in Turkey that is according to the info and of course we didn’t leave without empty hands. And we also visited Jewelry shop , I’m not fond of jewelries so we didn’t buy any jewelry neither my daughter and I’m not really fond of jewelry except if it’s given or gift I never buy for myself. No photos though for things that aren’t appealing hahaha.

Moreover, food food food yes food ~ we ate Pottery meat Kebab a-must-try in CappAdociA cooked in a pot and then cracked in front of you and it even tasted like (Caldereta filipino dish)so I think filipino food does not deviate from turkish dishes.

I don’t know how would I delivered well my stories but It’s not oriental here, Cuz I thought it was but We were so wrong ( stigma of media ) … Turkey adopted many facets of European culture and for what I had seen they seem to be divided into two, Europeans and have Asianism and their food is most like Greeks because they were occupied by greeks dunno the real history though hahaha. and then the most unexciting part was that we were obliged to watched religious men dance because it was part of the tour and we were all just drowsy during thAt part -because they did nothing but dance around for an hour….. ( It may perhaps be correct if it was only for 15 minutes but that’s life ~ You can’t make everything go your way, all the time.) And before skipping we are grateful that we have an amazing guide because

people here don’t speak english. So I guess my stories will end here… it was WONDROUS Tour we had seen a lot of unsual things, different Culture, uncountable strange Landscapes , food, kind and polite people.

For more videos please watch my YouTube channel :

After Cappadocia , we went straight to Konya then visited Mevlana museum

then to Pamukkale and hierapolis … we slept one night at the thermal resort, there are so many thermal resorts there and they say it cures skin diseases.

The last place we visited was The place Ephesus located in Izmir, it has an outstanding history just Google it cause Zero fuel to tell my stories …. But I assured you Ephesus has a beautiful story and I am fortunate to be able to come here and witness it with my own eyes and imagining how people lived here.

I wish I could have included you on our tour even just by watching my video and pictures and hope that you liked the places we went to and in the next segment and I will try to make my video more interesting … or will show you later our video through drone if I will have time to do so cuz hibernation calling …. so bye for now… #cappadocia #kapadokya #cappadoce #turquie #turkey #anatolie #anatolia #turkish #hotairballoon #Göreme #fairychimney #hoodoo #Ürgüp #Kaymakli #Derinkuyu #Uçhisar



let’s just go to Deauville !

Alarm clock ringing… hey time to get up!

we woke up early because we are going somewhere very nice… I boiled water and sipped a cup of coffee … I prepared a sandwich to eat for our lunch, because the restaurants are still closed and I am not pretty sure if we would be able to find and buy food. And the weather forecast say it is cold weather so we dressed up accordingly.

And This time we prearranged to go in Deauville. Deauville is one of the uppermost Place escapes of Parisian they called the place Parisian riviera, In my photos you will see the typical normands houses and we pass by in some shops for affluent, Casinos are also known in Deauville.

We attentionally come up here so early to avoid crowding in. Deauville is good for a short visit.

Restaurant are still closed.
hôtel Barrière le Normandy
An open Market is empty
Deauville is such a beautiful place in France.

I took a lot of photos and took the time to watch at the construction of each houses, you will be amazed by the beauty of this place. Now I know and understand why Deauville really attracts chic Parisian, famous celebrities and travelers around the world.

It’s very fun to walk on the streets, shops are closed and restaurants, there are only a few people in the morning because maybe they are still asleep. I choose to go for a walk in the morning because I avoid people especially pandemic we still need to be extra careful.

We end our visit at the beach, the beach has a golden sand … along the boardwalks there are cabins where names of famous American celebrities were written. We jointly walked on the sand it is always a refreshment feeling , from my own viewpoint the sea sand, the sea water are my medicines, let’s say my best vitamins. I can’t not imagine life without going to the beach even during winter still a pleasure to me.

The concrete and mosaic-tiled cabins.

we also passed to check Trouville town about 14 minutes drive from Deauville town. we just walked a little, took some pictures and the day faded and we drove back home.

Trouville Viewpoint
Hôtel Barrière Le Normandy, Deauville

Le Mont-Saint-Michel

Le Mont-Saint-Michel is a French commune located in the Manche department in Normandy. Its name from the rocky islet dedicated to Saint Michael, where the Mont-Saint-Michel abbey stands today.

The architecture of Mont-Saint-Michel and its bay make it the most frequented tourist site in Normandy and one of the ten most visited in France , first site after those of Île-de- France – with nearly two and a half million visitors each year.

I know , I know , it took me a while to post again on my blog and this time I am happy to take you to Le Mont st Michel, you know holidays and these are the only opportunities to go and visit some places you have never been before plus you go with the whole family. We are thankful because when we went in Le mont st Michel the sunshine was so captivating.

We woke up early to visit this place and it took us two hours when we reached the place. Upon our arrival, we headed straight to park our car at the parking lot and then walked right up to the mountain. The establishments and restaurants nearby are still closed because of the pandemic. And since the mountain opened again we have got the opportunity to visit this place, and if you do not know France went in lockdown again last middle october until dec 11.

From the parking It takes 30 minutes to get to the place by walk or simply take a navet if you do not want to walk. Navets are free.

and because we brought our dog with us and we preferred to walked and it was a lot better not only you enjoyed the scene but it was also an excellence exercise plus the weather was also cloudless.

Please come join me as we walked by …

there are only a few people in the morning but during lunchtime the crowd arrives and just imagine if there is no pandemic, thousands of people comes here everyday.

when we arrived at the place we had coffee first then we used toilets 70 cents for toilet fee , then we went around on our walk…. stores are open but I didn’t buy anything because it was pricey.

Let’s go and let’s continue …

you will find the famous restaurant here~ La mère Poulard where they cooked and served pricey omelette…

For lunch we brought sandwiches, because restaurant are still closed.

so redears time to say goodbye but that goodbye doesn’t mean forever because There would be more for my next blog … keep safe everyone !

Cap de Cartelet

I haven’t written anything for my blogs for a months now and gladly I just discovered this idyllic place and will be included for my awesome journey travel blog that can’t put a price tag on! I used my iPhone for capturing these images cuz I completely Forgot bringing my camera. I just knelt down completely into this majestic bourg ~ and of course I wouldn’t share without images and here are some perfect scenarios from Cap de Cartelet and Hatainville ~ (Part of Basse-Normandie region here in France) … The sea has a blue Clear water and from Cap de Cartelet you can view the island of Jersey and Guernsey (Wish to go there one day) We really had a reposeful walk and we ended up buying Italian ice cream in the small town of Cartelet…. Well I could go for days for my stories but I am not done yet cuz I’m yearning for more … I’ll be back for more , but for now time is up!


It was such a wonderful feeling when we explored Antelope. Antelope is a natural wonder. We booked this trip and were managed by coexist west coast company. From Las Vegas to Antelope, yes it’s really too far to get here, not only it is thousands miles and miles away but it is also exhausting but really worth a visit and it means a lot ! Can you imagine we are from the other side of the globe and wanting to discover Antelope and I used to see Antelope only on TV and I can’t really believe we got it here and we made it safe and sound. I just can not explain the happiness we felt and had earned. Witnessing this natural wonder is such a wonderful experience, awe-inspiring and picturesque ! When we got here the driver sign-up for us and each group that enters will have to wait and needs a guide and must wait your turn to be called. You can carry nothing but your camera your bags should be left in your vehicle. They will take you to the van and bring to the canyon. They will give a brief information about the history, geology, and culture of the Antelope Canyon area. I took a lot of photos during our visit, here are my photos and hoping that you will like them and for those who have never been in Antelope I hope these gives you encouragement to come and see it. Let’s pray that covid-19 will end soon. We were , (alright let’s called it fortunate ) fortunate to come and able to explore Silicon Valley, west California and Arizona because Just after 1 week when we got back home, America shut their door against Europes due to corana virus. For now and for uncertain time Please stay home and be safe everyone. But I want to say something more, well, this is a dream place of every photographers.

While waiting for our turn, kids still find something to laugh for …
amazing Antelope
way to the cave surrounded by magnificent mountains
God created so much beautiful wonders
come let’s get in !
against the light we’ll never know the outcome of the image
My son the yoga guru … hahaha
throw a shovel of sand and throw it against the wall
come away with me inside the cave …
upside heart shape
Me myself and I taking pictures wondering which angles … a photographer wannabe lol.
way to the cave …
me and my love the shyness is it !
Glad we were able to bring the children here , on the left that’s my daugther together with her loving cousin.
go go go stop and look and strikes a pose !
stunned by the authentic piece of art from the earth itself.
special memories I will never forget

Horseshoe Bend

We booked this trip with coexist west coast via trip-advisor. You need to reserve in advance and they have several package tours. Coexist west coast company is an expanding small group company They will take care of everything and even snacks and drinks were included inside the van. You can reserved a private trip otherwise with small group. Their drivers are awesome and friendly. Our visit were beyond greatness. We’re tremendously happy and have no regrets for this trip because we are from the other side of the globe and we didn’t want to drive after a long flight so you just have to sit & relax and it saved us days and time. Check-out my photos and I hope that you will like them. I used my iphone here because my nikon camera has a small lence and couldn’t take the whole landscape.

Muir Woods

We wanted and planned to go to Yosemite but it was still winter so we canceled our plan because we didn’t want to take risk because we had heard that some roads might be close and vehicles were not permitted so instead we went to Muir woods.

The power of imagination makes us infinite ~ John Muir
Going to the mountains is going home.
John Muir

Muir woods is just a few miles north of San Francisco. When we visited Muir woods we reserved a parking space in advance because reservation is required for all vehicles.

Everybody needs beauty…places to play in and pray in where nature may heal and cheer and give strength to the body and soul alike. ~ John Muir

When visiting the park remember that is cold inside the park, so dress appropriately. There are several paths where you can simply just walk or climb the mountains. We had a wonderful walk and we really enjoyed the cool breeze. You’ll find what you’re looking for and that’s the tranquility far from all commotion and noise of the cities. While we were walking , we were amazed that the trees are giants and strong and think of it, they live longer than humans. It reminded me of Mainau Island (Metasequoia Avenue) in Germany they also have these kinds of trees. The trees are large and tall. All of us, sometimes, we need to go and visit these kind of parks, and let’s help preserve these forest Not only is it good to go but besides there are many animals live here, the forest is their home and hopefully we humans would take good care of them.

The Grand Canyon

Well I have a story to tell, on what had happened on our trip to the Grand Canyon From Las vegas – Flaggstaff. We took a bus (greyhound bus station) and when we arrived in Flaggstuff about 1:30 pm we were so lost and couldn’t find any uber or taxis around , and tried my best that I could to communicate with all people I see and one man told me to installed Lift apps for an easy transport but as We have a slow 4G and couldn’t upload it, so eventually I asked the bus station if they can help us to get a taxi and thanks God The man upfront given us the right taxi shuttle number (groome transportation) and so we made a call and booked a shuttle for 3:30 pm and they told us to go to the train station and there they would pick us and it took us 20 minutes by feet and oh oh brrrr it was freezing and windy, each of us pulled our luggage and of course when we reached to the station we stopped inside a coffee bar nearby the station and had some drinks and imagine we didn’t had time to lunch yet. We just sat and only waited for few hours for the taxi. We were just calmed and keeping our feelings cool and it was useless to worry as sometimes surprises has always been a part of the journeys … nothing is ever perfect and as usual we choose to calm down and luckily we got the whole day for the trip so nothing to rush. And time has come and there you are our savoir the shuttle, hmmm who else ? … 30 minutes later we reached Williams ~ (Grand canyon railways and hotel.) at last we are able to bath and clean ourselves after the whole long day and we spent one night here.

The next day, had our breakfast and watched the 9:25 am western show before we ride the railways going to the grand canyon national park …

Inside the train and each car has a guide and an entertainer who plays violin and made us happy.

The guide has told many stories to expand our knowledge about the area. How spectacular and breathtaking Grand canyon is.

The train journey took about two hours and it’s a wonderful feeling seeing and witnessing the dessert.

We reached to the train depot and went straight to the bus grand tour. And we got on the bus immediately and met our guide and our tour began we stopped at several view points and lunch meal were included. The day tour last about 3 hours or less. After the tour we were transported in our hotel. We spent one night in Maswik lodge situated inside the national park.

Spectacular Grand Canyon
Love is everyday with you.

The Grand Canyon is incredibly imaginable…~ by the way, about our tour we reserved two days tours (thetrain.com) including Sunset tour and dessert tour , all by bus tour It’s a lot easier and we save a lot of time because it is a long long way from home just to come here to witness the imaginable views. How I wish to stay longer to at least hike but we didn’t have enough time due to limited vacations. Grand canyon is indeed a special place in a world of imagination.

Grand canyon Sunset really amazing …
Costumes for junior rangers
Maswik Information center

We Left Grand Canyon at 3:30 pm we took the last trip back to Williams.

sad end of visit and we left with uncountable wonderful experiences.


Hey people so here’s my photos from Bryce taken last two week, We drove from Las Vegas – Bryce and we’re gladly that we made it, we had been informed that we must bring our jackets, check it out why ?

Spectacular Bryce
The Bryce canyon boasts of its unique beauty, There are no words can be found in my heart how marvelous Bryce really is. You were a dream that came true.

There you have it ! I just couldn’t ask for more … Bryce is such a wonderful place that our creator proves that he never stop working and he continuously create beautiful amazing places in the universe.

Las Vegas

3 nights in Vegas , Just went in vegas just for sleep as we made road trip during the day. First night we went out and curiously look around on what is going in this known city as the sin city. Well, personally I felt a lot of disappointment. But, I took some pictures though haha … basically we just gotten out and only to grab burgers and drinks and went back full speed inside our hotel and took shower and the next day were just another day for some road trip in arizona.

view from our hotel room
Bellagio fountain show

San Francisco

I left my heart in San Francisco …

view from twin peak
Be with the one who love you the most ~ photo taken in crissy fields
old vintage van passing through…
view from the twin peak
and visited Alcatraz
prisoners area
San Francisco view from alcatraz
palace of fine arts
pier 39
Aloma square
Aloma square
Lombard street without flowers
passing through the Golden gate
cable car

Los Angeles

This is how we spent our time and energy around Los Angeles. What about you how do you invest your time ? and who do you invest your time with ?

Here are my Pictures on how we invested our time and energies. Pictures always speak to themselves.

Venice Beach

Santa Monica

Hollywood sign

Hollywood boulevard

Griffith Park

pollution view from
griffith observatory

Universal studios

Science Center

Venice Canal

Manhattan Beach

I have been so busy as bee and didn’t have time to blog much as there are so many priorities going on in my life now. But of course I would always prioritize and not forgetting to love myself and my family like taking vacations outside the country in spite of corana virus that spreading around the world.

My husband planned our vacation this time in South California and gladly that he has a sister who lives in Manhattan Beach and I am grateful for that because we are able to visit some of the most beautiful places that God has created in America.

Anyway, we had chosen to fly during the night Paris- Los Angeles ~ 12 hours flight Air France

My sis-in law waited for us and fetched us at the airport she was genuinely happy when she seen us and we as well after 4 years of not seeing her and her family.

When we arrived in her place it was 10 o’clock in the evening and we opened our luggages and offered some gifts to the whole family and we talked till mid and then we all went to bed.

The next morning we took our breakfast and made some walk in their beautiful neighborhoods Manhattan and oh no I do really love where she lives.

In the late noon we strolled along the oceanfront and took some pictures. While walking at the beachfront, you’ll be inspired because there are so many beautiful architecture designed houses and home. Walking is so relaxing , quiet and there aren’t much crowd. That is why Manhattan would be on my Top list around Los Angeles but do not forget that everything are expensive, Restaurant, stores and boutiques…

Here are my captured images … so please let me take you to Manhattan beach.


along the roads of Manhattan
Famous beach house from the tv series Beverly hills 90210 located in Manhattan beachfront
walking along the beach
witnessing the brilliant sunset of Manhattan beach
and there you are …












Back in France

Time always begin with hello and always end up with goodbye …

Time has come to an end, here we are back in France.

Spent 4 years in south China was an amazing experienced. I am happy to finally reunited with our family , dog and house. I have been so busy tiding and emptying the house , removing all stuff that I don’t really need.

I need a long rest, I am so busy and living my life which means not getting connected to anybody or things. Buying new stuff and changing old gadgets, I am always victimized with all these stuff that in reality I literally don’t need much.

I am so grateful with everything, old and new and more than excited for the things that are coming.

Negros Oriental, Philippines

Hello Readers , It’s been a while , I was occupied living in the present and I think I am in a cheerful mood to write about my previous trip and Today I will bring you in Negros Oriental a province in central Visayas and it’s also include Apo Island.

We stayed in Atmosphere resort situated in Dauin 20 min drive from Dumaguete the capital city of Negros oriental. We were fetched at the Dumaguete airport by the hotel’s shuttle and when we arrived in the hotel we were given complimentary drinks (sugarcane I guess) personnel were kind and amenable. They brought us to our bungalow, the bungalow contains terrace with a sofa,  pillows and table, enorm comfortable bed , spacious bungalow and comtemporary interior design and includes huge bathroom outside, Be ready to say HI to mosquitoes, especially when the natures comes calling you.. The resort has a beautiful garden, healthy bermuda grass that well kept and resort owns two pools. Family pool and the another pool boast a Bar and it is use when there are diving course which is everyday occupied. They have Spa Sanctuary, Yoga zone , simple and basking beach front. The Hotel has its finest Restaurant which means excellence cuisine, Western , filipino cuisine, as well healthy nutritious menus. Moving on , Excursions were awesome, in spite of half day tour, there are severals Tours which you will be able to select what which and where you want to go and see. It’s all up to your favour . Each night there are gift away sweet treats surprises inside the room. Authentic delicacy tarts. Freebies bags made from coconut leaves and and each of us were given thermos Bottle additionally, which is good for our environment. The hotel is promoting not to use plastic They are environmentally friendly.  Regardless of being a luxurious hotel they do not offer slippers & shower cup. 

moving ahead – excursions.

First activity and first choice , Oslob~swim with the whale sharks located in the south part of Cebu , yet we were asked to get up at 5 am and it took us 40 minutes drive to Santabar port and 25 min ferryboat and drive another 20 min when we reached Oslob. It’s worth a visit and a remarkable experienced for us. By that time there were plenty of boats lining up and however it is stupendous experience. There are Fishermen feeding those giants whales and it was perfect organization, You are allowed to swim, watch them but it’s probihited to touch them and there is a distance to respect. The feeding terminates at 11 am , plan and go there early morning.

Dumaguete is known for world class marine life , divers or non-divers will surely enjoy the water , land, surface the water and under the water. Dumaguete City, also known as the City of Gentle People and divers destination.



Third day , Discover scuba diving for Children. My kids had their first scuba diving experience which they did at the resort. The resort is known for their high reputation in diving course.

Fourth day , We took our breakfast in Manjuyob Sandbar, How would you imagine that ? A heaven in the ocean … We planned to do Dolphin watching… But we were not able to go and pass the ocean because of an unfavored winds as safety without exceptions comes first. Any options ? of course, we decided then to go in Twin lake , Balinsasayao and Danao. We had our barbecue and buffets at the deck, there is a restaurant where they accommodate visitors , visitors would eat and drinks there. I loved their bananacue (wrapped banana and deep fried cooked with sugarcane ) After lunch , we then continued walking down the hills and we rent a boat. There are some activities boating, kayaking and birds watching. The lake has a spontaneous views and it is truly a peaceful place. Coconut trees are everywhere, there are many different varieties of trees , plants, birds , butterflies , it’s a greeny uninhabited territory and it’s a protected natural park In negros Oriental.

Fifth Day ~ Apo Island ~ snorkeling and swim with the turtles. Snorkeling here is Still good for non-swimmer, I stayed on my lifevest and floated with the help of the guide and he stayed with me. The boat stopped 50 meters away from the shore of the island where the sea turtles can be seen immediately. Honestly I was not comfortable because I can tire easily but Thankfully our guide lured us to follow him when he looked for sea turtles there were plenty small & big I wanted to give them a hug but touching any sea creatures is strictly prohibited We were all exhausted All I could think of is to eat after snorkeling… then thinking of, the boat men had given us complimentary drinks, fruits & mini burgers. Dumaguete do not have a proper fancy beaches with sun beds but it’s heaven for divers , swimmers, snorkelers, and even for hikers if you want to go to mt. Talinis & Kanlaon Volcano. There is a little regret in me here, I was disappointed because we had done the group tour Organized by the hotel which I really regret , because we were not informed about this excursions. I would rather choose a private tour because we were not allowed to go and hike at the view point, which usually you will go in the Island and would have a small promenade around 15-20 minutes going up the Top of the hills , we did not even go at the shore , I felt trapped, it was an excursion trapped. We just snorkeled and that’s it !!!! it’s just half day ( what a pity ) I don’t even know what ???? we were just in the middle of the sea far from the crowd. Make sure to communicate with the hotel information before deciding which tour would you want to pick. Too bad we were not informed about it and as well combination Tour … lack of information in terms of giving the top & a must things to do and they did not explained well about the combination Tour which we literally had lost half day each day of our stayed. It’s pitiful that we learned it when we departed the hotel.

Sixth Day ~ Spent the rest of the morning at the hotel , enjoyed the pool and Restaurant and Dumaguete City tour , Dumaguete main attractions : Belfry tower , the church Iglesia De Santa Catalina De Alejandria dating back 1754 , I did not go inside the church because of my beliefs. Siliman University founded in 1901 & we visited the Siliman anthropology museum as well , then Rizal Boulevard named after the great Philippines national hero, Noah’s cultural heritage they sell and exports quality stonecrafts – prepare your credit card when going there, unexpectedly we purchased Authentic extravagant frames made from variety gems, We did not leave the store with empty hands … Noah’s heritage arts is one of Dumaguete’s prides. Afterwards we went to the city market composed 10 buildings and we went to taste the controversial budbud kabog Tanjay. It was divine , it’s made from millet and wrapped with banana leaves , they served it with melt chocolate or sprinkles with sugar , Then next we took our lunch at Lab-as restaurant, I made sure to order the right menus and I wasn’t disappointed what a Feast ! We missed going in Sans Rival famous bakery because we ran out of time , Philippines common transportation are tricycle, jeepneys & easycab.

And Of course habitually , Time would always come to an end …. each and every Hello there’s perpetual goodbye  ! … overall We will definitely come back !!!!!

Siargao, Philippines

Welcome to Siargao the Isla de las Palmas literally means Palm Island.

Skyjet got canceled but Thanks cebu pacific we were able to go in Siargao ! Spent 6 nights and 6 days in Siargao. We settled in Sandy feet Hotel located in Malinao General Luna which the main center of Siargao. Siargao airport has a tiny airport that resembles more a bus station to me and clouds were gray when we debarked into the Island , and the Island is surrounded by uncountable coconut trees everywhere and anywhere. It took us 2 hours and half by plane from Manila. First week of February when we gone in Siargao. Our first and second day the weather was not really that friendly and the rest we really had a wonderful perfect sunny blue Skies and had the best excursions around Surigao ,Sorocco , Siargao.

We arrived at 2 pm and There’s a van waiting for us that we booked from our hotel. It took us 45 minutes from the airport, upon reaching the hotel they given us coconut juice as a welcome drinks . First impression of the hotel is just wow 😮 a paradise in my eyes.

Sandy feet Hotel

after drinking and resting , we went straight to Cloud 9 and rode a tricycle ( local transport it has a 4 seater ). Cloud 9 or Siargao is known for surfers , but I assured you Siargao is definitely not only for surfers. We watched the surfers but most of them are learners So just went there for the waves , impressive huge waves , sea water is clear like a pool … after taking pictures and all , rode a tricycle and we regaled at the popular Bravo Restaurant. Their employees were friendly and sumptuous food and drinks . Everybody had a great time on our first day.

Cloud 9

Children were playing basketball, on the way to Cloud 9

The next day ~ land tour to magpupungko rock pool and Along the road we stopped and took some pictures at the viewpoint for the uncountable coconut trees. We spent our half day in magpupungko and used our drone and took aerial photos and videos. I bought 2 Tshirt, there are some stalls that sells souvenirs and other stuff like tshirt, swimwear, and many more. There is an admission fee 50 pesos and free entrance for children 10 years old below. 11 o’clock am when low tide and you can walk along the beach and there are some guide and will help you go till you reached the rock pool … waves in magpupungko are also marvelous. The rock pool has a crystal clear water and it’s just amazing just like other places and it’s common in Philippines to see those crystals water That’s why I keep on coming back and exploring more places and Islands and when I am back in Europe I would definitely miss Philippines my homeland.

Fisherman catching shells

My son under the tree beachfront in Magpupungko

Maasin Enchanted river ~ fortunately opened to the public last December 2018. We were so lucky that we passed into this enchanting place. It’s a paradise … The Village is so clean that you could drink the water straight in your mouth. Oh I love and I have no words how would I describe the place it’s just wow !   Maasin river has a tiny passage and there are several boats where the guides will row the boat for you, at the end of the river there is a tiny clear water hole and people would take pictures one by one when crowd comes.  So make it sure you go there earlier cause the place is really getting popular and how could you not share such a beautiful place. We were so hungry so we took our lunch there after the boat rides. There is a small sari-sari store and they offer meal as well , felt like a local ?  no problem ! we enjoyed every little things. I couldn’t remember how much the admission fee because We were so thrilled. We only spent 500 pesos for our lunch including our drinks and coffee. People were so kind and hospitable. We came back at the hotel with our heart not empty but full.

Maasin River

Happiest person knows how to smile with strangers

Magnificent view of Maasin River

3rd day ~ since the sugba lagoon in del Carmen is closed for rehabilitation. We decided to do the mangrove tour in Del Carmen , the largest mangrove all over the Philippines. The place is well kept and protected by the locals and the river is spotless that there are zero garbage around. I felt so happy to know that people here are environmentally-friendly. Then we went to the Pamomoan beach and Kawhagan beach. Oh yeah The place is all ours …. huh ! just like a celebrity star all alone at the private beach ……

Del Carmen

Lunch at Pamomoan Beach

Kawhagan beach

Del Carmen Mangrove

4th day ~ Sohoton tour ~ We reserved a Galatea boat the lifestyle boat in Siargao. Sohoton ~ what can I say , a small El Nido in Bucas Grande ….(that’s my honest opinion). but cleaner, greener and not crowded unlike El Nido. Sohoton is getting popular …. the activities are snorkeling in some permitted area and moving on they will bring you to the small lagoon where you’ll able to touch the jelly fish , dive at the cliff , pass through the caves and boat around. I haven’t seen people kayaking knorr paddle board don’t know why maybe for some protection and hiring local boats would really help the local people for their everyday living.

Entrance In Bucas Grande

The small lagoon where you touch jellyfish

5th day ~ 3 Island Tour with Galatea boat ~ maybe we were so exaggerated hiring these boat just for 4 pax Oh I just love it cuz it’s so homely, convenient, restful and it has its own toilet …. 3 Islands Tour ~ Maybe you had heard these 3 Island ~ or maybe you’ve been there , the Guyam , Daku and Naked Island. It’s my Favorite tour that we did in Siargao …. My kids and I love the Daku Island the most. We had our lunch in Daku and eaten the boodlefight – were food served on the top of the banana leaf and eat with your hand. The 3 Island have their own beauty and The whole area is surrounded by the pristine water and fine sand …… these 3 Island are just 5 minutes away from each other with Galatea boat. We dine at Kalinaw Restaurant ~ the finest restaurant in Siargao. Food is beyond Excellent.

aerial photo , as I go down the boat

Naked Island

Daku Island

Boodlefight were food served on a banana leaf

Bianca’s Galatea Boat

Guyam Island

General Luna Port

My Photos aren’t edited at all , I captured those images and they are original by the time I captured them, I don’t have to say a lot but pictures speak to themselves.

6th day ~ time has come and it was the last day , we spent our time and enjoyed the beauty of the hotel and took a lot of pictures … Life in Siargao is so peaceful , hassle-free and it was hard to leave but as usual you gotta pack all your luggages and leave. This amazing voyage means a lot to me , I am so grateful to live and just enjoy whatever life, places, people may offer without expectation.

General Luna

Sandy Feet Beachfront in the Morning

departure ~ through skyjet going back to Manila it took us 1 hour and half but as usual , traffic as expected we landed smoothly and waited the plane to park. We were starving ……… and all I could think of is to EAT.

Seoul, Korea

Seoul, Korea the 6th tourist destinations in Asia. It has been a fascinating journeys , Seoul has a unique charms that allure . Seoul’s has different perceptions we were amazed by the culture and history, the food, people, as well the weather had been pretty friendly with us. Autome is the best season when visiting Korea. We had seen and completed several top sight and eaten their famous dishes , I would say that I eaten the best kimchi nonetheless the authentic one which I think exact recipe that I well kept and been doing since 2012. We went in Insadong-gil is a home to such many places, eating out, chatting, drinking, meeting out, shops, restaurants given its traditional past . One famous restaurant ⭐️Cha Iyagi ⭐️ literally means ‘tea story’. As usual, we followed the rhythms of Seoul, just being cool, relax and we really enjoyed each every moment of the day without stressing ourselves A real scape from reality.

El Nido, Palawan Philippines

view side of  ~ Sandbar


Cathedral cave

Matinloc Resort

Beachfront view Matinloc Resort

a mouth mouthering lunch picnic all alone at the star beach

Travel with the one you love

secret beach

Yoga pose

Cudugnon cave

Traditional basketball court at the cudugnon cave

Pinagbuyatan Beach and our lunch

Seven Commando beach

magnificent view of Matinloc resort

Short trekking in Canopy

Nacpan beach which has a long beach

Lio beach …

kayaking in Small lagoon

Big Lagoon

Lio Aiport El Nido

secret lagoon

Entalula beach

Sandbar in Snake Island

Enjoying the crystal water & the sun at The Snake Island

I can’t describe how spontaneous El Nido is, seeing the coast from the air (airswift ) is so speechless. Sunset, beaches, mountains, El Nido has it all …. we just want to enjoy ! We have chosen to stay in Matinloc Resort …. matinloc name which came from the word Mantilo ~ which means beautiful …. Mantiloc island is an ideal destination for those seeking a relaxing holiday in a private and tranquil island, It has a magnificent beachfront view. Matinloc is really tranquil , This place is for those seeking serenity , Tranquil , peaceful place … a small Paradise, upon arrival personnel fetched us in Lio airport. From El Nido to Matinloc resort it took us 20 minutes by the speedboat. When we arrived at the hotel they offered us a welcome drinks and shells necklace. A very warming approach for our checked-in. Stuff were so helpful and kind to us. 

El Nido, Palawan is for those seeking a relaxing, tranquil , private Island. But accept the fact that El Nido is a tourist destination and it’s the most visited place in the Philippines and we must accept that we are in the present and El Nido is just too beautiful place that you have to share with a lot more people. Always choose the best season when going there and If you want a quiet vacation you can hired a private boat all by yourself.

Cave tour 

~ Cudugnon cave 

~ cathedral cave 

~ Sandbar 

~ Pinasil Island 

~ Pinagbuyatan Island 

Cadlao Tour 

~ seven commando beach 

~ Cadlao lagoon 

~ Bukal Island 

~ dilumacad Island 

Matinloc tour 

~ Hidden beach 

~ Matinloc shrine 

~ Secret Beach 

~ star beach 

Lagoon tour 

~ Small lagoon 

~ secret lagoon

~ Big lagoon

~ snake Island 

~ Entalula Island 

El Nido Town : 

~ canopy peak 

~ Nacpan beach 

~ Lio beach 

Oh Philippines I can not get tired of you. 

Friendly tips: To Avoid crowding in, make sure to hop Early morning and hired private boat. 



Hi there, Here are some pictures That I had taken during our 3 days tour in Ancient Angkor Cambodia.

 Angkor Heart Bongalows – This place is perfect for families , upon arrival they offered us a welcome drinks and viennoiserie to put something in our empty tummies. The hotel is located just 15 minutes drive from the airport.

I couldn’t remember the name of this restaurant, Their food is just so amazing that I didn’t even had the time to take some pictures.

Two little boys with their dried leaves hat

The Bayon – the complex of the face-towers. Narrative bas-relief of daily life and khmer history. State temple of Jayavarman VII symbolic centre of the universe and empire. Dated late 12th to late 13th centuries.

You’ll see plenty of monkeys nearby the Angkor wat Temple.

Angkor wat – the world’s largest religious monument. A completely realised microcosm of the Hindu universe, culminating in the five peaks of mount meru. Architectural masterpiece in fine proportions and rich in detail: the apogee of classical khmer construction. Some 600m of narrative bas-relief and nearly 2,000 apsaras.


After 17 years , I have never thought of going back in Thailand. It’s really a wonderful enjoyment going back in a country where I guess I left my heart way back, Innocent and chaotic life.

My husband and I decided a trip in Bangkok & Chiangmai and this time with our kids.

Photos in Bangkok

Photos in Changmai

Two little girls in What Phra That Doi Suthep

We intentionally visited our dear friends in Lampang, We got the chanced and visited the oldiest pottery, at Dhanabadee art ceramic we learned that they are the largest pottery producers and exporter in Thailand. They shown us a short demonstration on how pots were being made, moreover we headed to the elephants conversation center and watched the elephants show. Kids were so cheerful and thrilled. The next day, we headed to Chiangmai and Chiangmai is even better with our dear friends.

Photos around Lampang :

98 years old elephant

traditional thai dirty kitchen

It was unpropitious for me because during that time I got a cold, in spite of having a cold that really didn’t stopped me for being dynamic as I don’t want to miss anything.

Our Trip plan just went top and well spent , we really had a wonderful time, real pleasure and we had seen so much beautiful faces & places and of course delicious food. Thai food is really beyond excellent ~ one of my favorite food in south east Asia!

parhaps my old time favourite laab-moo and uniquelly rolled with paper rice.

Thailand we’ll never forget you.

The 7th days we flew to Angkor, Siem riep Cambodia ! and then, there it goes another adventures begun …

let’s eat in Xi’an, China

Well not that I guess what happened in Xi’an won’t stay in Xi’an… and this time I would like to share about the food we had eaten … People proposed us to at least try to eat their most known noodles and hot pot. There are plenty of restaurant, + a brief demonstration on how noodles are pulled (hand-pulled noodles). We were stucked in the city We did a lot of walk and ended up in muslim district for lunch. As we were walking along the busy street, street foods are everywhere and annoying motor riders are appearing unexpectedly. Bbq’s, noodles, bread, candies and etc .. staring on those bbq’s have totally given us mouth watering and without hesitation we had chosen and picked 8 sticks of Mutton bbq, one bread and two plate of rice with chicken and the most awaiting lunch been served and then voila we then had a feast. Over above we found the authentic roasted duck just in our hotel.

This is the local noodles in Xi’an

A man demonstrating on how noodles are pulled. I am impressed with this man with his passion pulling noodles.

Hot-pot, tomato and green chili soup accompanied with tofu, green salad, chinese cabbage, fish, beef, cilantro and hot-pot sauces.

bon appétit kids !

A glimpse of me and my daugther


BBQ lamb

Walking along the street.

Authenthic Roasted duck

Local noodles

The Terra Cotta Warriors and horses

Hey Readers,
I just want to share some photos that I had taken during our break , and this time we went to visit the The terra cotta warriors and horses located on the east side of the Mausoleum of Emperor Qinshihuang. The first emperor in Chinese history. 1974 when local farmers were drilling a series of wells in search of water they discovered some pottery fragments and ancient weapons. The head of the village then reported the news to the local goverment and with the goverment approval, explorers began their explorations and excavations. 1979 when the Terra cotta museum was opened to the public. There are 3 Pit, pit 1 the biggest an area of 2,000 meter. Pit 2 & 3 was discovered 1976 and Pit 3 the smallest Pits Today the Terra cotta description «  8 wonder of the world >>. 

Shanghai, China

Welcome to Shanghai , we flew From Guangzhou – Shanghai had a 2 hours and half in the air and when we landed to the Airport we took our luggage and went straight to find a taxi and woahhhh I haven’t seen any crowd like that ever before, It remind me when we went in India 11 years ago at first I thought there’s only 500 meter long queue to get a taxi but then while we were moving, there are another 6 aisle queue … but I was more than happy because only 7 minutes of waiting we got a taxi… We stayed in Sofitel hotel just in Nanjing Road the center of everything …
I think Shanghai is different from the rest of China. Shanghai has its fascinating skyscrapers and people does their job well , and everything moving fast, in the restaurant you’ll get your meal like a bat out of hell than you expect. The hotel has a friendly service and we were more than satisfied. In Shanghai crowd might be a battle for some. There are too many tourist, and Chinese vacationist. The metro and pedestrians crossing is a real sardines.

Here are some list places we have visited :

Shanghai oriental pearl tower
Former french concession
Shanghai fuzhou road cultural street
The Bund city sculpture
Nanjing lu road
Yu garden
Ocean Aquarium.

The sky is blue and posters have color pink background , it matches well which regular people can’t see.

The Bund

Hailing Island, China

My kids got a 1 week school break, It was Chinese holiday and we headed to Hailing Island, Yangjiang Located in South part of China we drove three hours and more due to heavy traffic.

Along the bumpy highway, we had horrific experienced and I prefer not to share it, I’d rather keep it for myself. ( oh It is hell ).

We stayed 5 days in Hailing Island Crowne Plaza. The Hotel and resort is pretty nice far away from the hassle and busy cities. The hotel is tranquil and new. I think it was constructed 4 years ago. Going there was a real escaped for us.

Upon arrival, Our room ( seaside view ) wasn’t prepared and the reception kindly inquired us to wait and proposed to take our lunch. And so we did, we devoured our lunch at the chinese restaurant , The food is excellent , finely cooked and well presented but quiet expensive.

The hotel has a private beach. It is unusual for me to see tones of life vest , People swim with the life vest which I found really strange and shocked. I have never been in any beach here in China. Wearing life vest is a must when swimming at the beach. The waves are quiet strong and windy, rough sand and gray water. Inside my head, I would rather go in the Philippines next time.

We mostly spent our time at the pool… they do not have towels, so better get them at the gym or bring your own towels which most of the guest carry off. There is a bar in front of the beach you can have and order your drinks. You will also see some people appreciating water activities like parachute , kites, and many more.

Breakfast and buffet diner happens at the Aqua restaurant and be happy they have a la carte for people like us, who stick to eat less food. I feel pity to the chef he got lot of works.

One night, we tried to eat barbecues at the hot pot restaurant nearby the beach besides the pool area. We liked the food, barbecues and hot pot, meats and sea foods, vegetables, noodles , dessert , fruits , drinks oh it was paradise for all the eaters and with perfect service.

At the lobby, there is a lounge, cozy coffee bar, you can sit or lay on the couch , read or have a drink of coffee or tea as well eat a slice of cake up to your choice. They also have a game Area for small children. During the night there are two musician they start to play music at 8 pm till midnight. We really had so much fun, eating, drinking and listening to their music.

4th day the weather wasn’t friendly, thankfully they have indoors swimming area and I fancied the Spa and longing to have some massage but I am tigthing my belt, the price is out of my budget ( ouch ! ) I want to save for something valuable matter. In some such way I still know how to limit my expenses. I deteste burning cards.

All we did was just eating, swimming, gained some kilos. Seeing my children growing …….! Oh time flies … We really had a wonderful stayed.

5th day, all luggages are packed and locked… around 4 pm we bid goodbye to the place and vacation is over and we were back to life.

I don’t 🤔think of going back in Yangjiang or Hailing Island.


August 2016.

It wasn’t in my plan going home during rainy seasons in the Philippines. But I bugged out home for my health issues. Spent 3 weeks, in and out in the hospital. In my head I already had planned going in Vigan, Ilocos sur.

It was then Wednesday morning, Woke up at 7 am and we were excited. My mom was happy when we told her that we were going to bring her in Vigan. Vigan is located on the western coast island of Luzon. Vigan street has a unique architecture it is one of surviving Philippine historic cities, dating back to the 16th century.

We left around 7 o’clock in the morning. The road is long and quiet pretty far. While on our way, we paused by to have our breakfast at Leeza’s Restaurant they have the best filipino buffet, cheap price, they won’t let you down because the food is delicious, well presented buffet and spacious place. Toilet and washroom are clean.

It was lunch when we reached the town of Vigan. It took us 5 hrs drive from Baguio … we were dehydrated and starving. People offered us to eat ( Sinanglao ) It is a famous dish Vigan delicacy, It is a soup dish and has a bit sour taste and a hint of bitterness nearly similar to (Pinapaitan.)Don’t be confused with the two , sinanglao is cooked with meat beef and pinapaitan is meat goat.

The weather condition